Spring-clean ……. Your life

Spring-cleaning has its origins in ancient history.  Back then, with no labour saving devices or electricity, Spring marked the start of the season when the weather allowed a complete cleaning of the cave or house.

Since then, the tradition has been maintained, but now there is a new angle.  It is called coaching and it is, in effect, spring-cleaning for your life.

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of staying green and growing, instead of becoming ripe and rotten.  It is simply a way of looking at where you are now, where you want to be in the future and how you are going to get there.

A few people are able to do this for themselves, but the vast majority find that having an outsider to keep them on this journey is a vital ingredient in their life spring-clean.

In coaching, it is immaterial how people got to where they are now.  The only place that they can start to change their life is here and now.  So, in a coaching relationship we focus on this and on the future and in particular the actions that will lead to the positive results that you desire.

In the same way that our homes can become musty during the winter months and often look in need of new lick of paint, so our lives too can become a bit tattered and full of mental junk that no longer serves us well.

We all, without exception, carry a load of excess baggage in the form of worry, guilt, fears, and false beliefs or expectations.  The power of positive mental attitude is as strong as it is surprising.  Furthermore, it is said that very few of us ever achieve anything approaching our full potential.

In coaching, clients are shown how they can easily let go of this baggage to create room in their lives for new and exciting challenges.  Many people are amazed at the positive impact that even a small change or shift in attitude can produce.  This really is spring-cleaning for the mind. 

In the same way that the onset of Spring is often the catalyst that triggers a burst of domestic action, so a coach can be the catalyst that allows amazing and positive change to happen.

Many are surprised that conducting an emotional and mental spring-clean is like a weight being lifted from their shoulders.  The joy is that they do it all themselves; coaches are just there to show them how to make it happen !

Why not get in touch with someone that can help you do a ‘spring-clean’ today.


About adob4sight

I am a coach, facilitator, and coach supervisor who works with key decision makers in business as well as private individuals, helping them maximise performance at work or in their lives outside the workplace. At 4sight Communications we work predominently with individuals in a one-to-one relationship facilitating the adaption of behaviours and attitudes to improve performance. Particular areas around which assistance is sought are: communications, leadership, relationships, work/life balance, addressing change and conflict, time management, goal setting and clarifiation of values. We also conduct team facilitation and coaching for middle ranking and senior teams of up to 10 persons. We are qualified to administer and interpret a series of psychometric assessments - ranging from 'personality profiling' to measuring an individual's 'mental toughness quotient'. All assessments are followed up with one-to-one sessions clarifying and facilitating areas indentified for development. One of the psychometrics used can be adapted for the recruitment of senior staff with the organisation able to input criteria for a particular post. We have qualified coaching supervisors who will provide a service for both professional coaches as well as 'internal company' coaches to ensure that not only the coach his/herself is properly developed, but also the interests of the client/coachee are served and ethics are adhered to. If you are interested in any of the 'above', get in touch !
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