Indians, we are told, do it more than any other nation. People with religious beliefs do it once a year. Captains of industry do it less often. Our Parliament does it as a routine. You can do it whenever you like.

For centuries, the practice of taking time out to do something different has been recognised as a sure-fire way of recharging your batteries, igniting your enthusiasm and solving problems. In commerce, it is sometimes called a sabbatical; others may call it going on retreat.

We could all benefit from this simple procedure; you don’t have to spend a week as a hermit on a mountain top, just one day will release amazing benefits and the best part is that it doesn’t cost anything.

Lots of my clients benefit from this simple change to their routine. When you put a little distance between yourself and your routine challenges or issues, you see them in a different light and from a different perspective. You may even create a few miracles for yourself as a result. These come as flashes of intuition that can lead you to take the action needed to resolve a problem.

If you look at something, say an apple, and hold it close to your face so that it is touching your nose, you will see a very small part of it. Hold it at arm’s length and you will see the whole apple, its texture and colours. Look at it from the other end of the room and you won’t see the detail but you will see it in the perspective of its surroundings and in true proportion. It is the same with issues or problems. You add distance and see them from a new angle.

The Summer is a great time to do this. Simply set a weekly date in you diary right now, when you will take off to the countryside, the hills or the beach. Go by car, bike, train or foot but go some space alone. Set off early and plan to be out all day. Leave your mobile phone at home and travel light. Then, just wander around for the day, thinking of nothing in particular, focusing on the ‘now’ experience.

Many coaching clients are amazed how easy this is. They are ‘off the leash’ and, just by being in a different place; they find that their thoughts turn to solutions and answers rather than problems and challenges. You create in life what you think about.

If you do the same thing, in the same way, you will get the same results. Your one-day summer retreat may be the one enjoyable change that you need to create those spectacular ‘miracle’ results that you know you deserve.

So make that date in your diary now. Look forward to it, keep it without guilt, enjoy it and return refreshed.


About adob4sight

I am a coach, facilitator, and coach supervisor who works with key decision makers in business as well as private individuals, helping them maximise performance at work or in their lives outside the workplace. At 4sight Communications we work predominently with individuals in a one-to-one relationship facilitating the adaption of behaviours and attitudes to improve performance. Particular areas around which assistance is sought are: communications, leadership, relationships, work/life balance, addressing change and conflict, time management, goal setting and clarifiation of values. We also conduct team facilitation and coaching for middle ranking and senior teams of up to 10 persons. We are qualified to administer and interpret a series of psychometric assessments - ranging from 'personality profiling' to measuring an individual's 'mental toughness quotient'. All assessments are followed up with one-to-one sessions clarifying and facilitating areas indentified for development. One of the psychometrics used can be adapted for the recruitment of senior staff with the organisation able to input criteria for a particular post. We have qualified coaching supervisors who will provide a service for both professional coaches as well as 'internal company' coaches to ensure that not only the coach his/herself is properly developed, but also the interests of the client/coachee are served and ethics are adhered to. If you are interested in any of the 'above', get in touch !
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