Christmas is, for many, a time when relationships are foremost in their minds. But for some, it is a time of deception, when the printed words of peace and love are in direct opposition to what they really feel inside.

As a professional coach I am mindful, albeit sad that at this time of year, any relationships that are under strain may totally split asunder. As families gather together, old animosities and rivalries can bubble to the surface. The mature approach is to just let them go. It takes two people to have a disagreement. If one of them (you) decides that life is too short and makes a personal commitment to let the real happiness and peace that is Christmas become a reality, then there is no more argument. There is no point in winning a series of battles if you can simply end the war.

In a series one-hour conversations, I invite clients to review their relationships at home, at work and in the social environment. Together, we can create a strategy for repairing any that are suspect and for terminating the few that are beyond repair.

It is important to point out that the coach is simply the catalyst. It is the client who makes the decisions and the commitment. For a great many, the regular reporting back of progress is the spur that keeps them on target. For others, even small achievements can create their motivation. If you use your energy to perpetuate a feeling of grudge, envy or hurt, then you are using energy that could, and should be directed towards more positive things – like building yourself the life that you truly desire.

Coaching helps people from all walks of life to take control of their future. If relationships, either intimate or work-related, are a cause for concern, your regular coaching session can show you a clear way forward.

In coaching there is no blame, no right or wrong. There is simply an outcome or result that arises from an action. If you can learn the actions that create harmony and peace, then the joy of Christmas really will, as the cards say, stay with you throughout the rest of the year. It is true to say that, if you want to change somebody else, the only place you can begin is with changing yourself and the best time to start is right now.

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About adob4sight

I am a coach, facilitator, and coach supervisor who works with key decision makers in business as well as private individuals, helping them maximise performance at work or in their lives outside the workplace. At 4sight Communications we work predominently with individuals in a one-to-one relationship facilitating the adaption of behaviours and attitudes to improve performance. Particular areas around which assistance is sought are: communications, leadership, relationships, work/life balance, addressing change and conflict, time management, goal setting and clarifiation of values. We also conduct team facilitation and coaching for middle ranking and senior teams of up to 10 persons. We are qualified to administer and interpret a series of psychometric assessments - ranging from 'personality profiling' to measuring an individual's 'mental toughness quotient'. All assessments are followed up with one-to-one sessions clarifying and facilitating areas indentified for development. One of the psychometrics used can be adapted for the recruitment of senior staff with the organisation able to input criteria for a particular post. We have qualified coaching supervisors who will provide a service for both professional coaches as well as 'internal company' coaches to ensure that not only the coach his/herself is properly developed, but also the interests of the client/coachee are served and ethics are adhered to. If you are interested in any of the 'above', get in touch !
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